Preprints and Papers

*** Files in frame at the left hand side are mainly pdf files; some other files at the end of each description are gzipped postscript files***

JAS002702     A. A. Castrejón Pita, J. R. Castrejón Pita, Guadalupe Huelsz, and A. Sarmiento Galán.
    Comments on "Acoustic chaos in a duct with two separate sound sources [J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 110, 120-126, (2001)].
    Journal of the Acoustical Society of America , 124 (5), 2702-05, 2008.        
Published on-line:    Vol. 124 (5), 2702-05, 2008.   DOI:10.1121/1.2978081.

Nasca.pdf    G. Linage, Fernando Montoya, A. Sarmiento, K. Showalter, P. Parmananda (Autorship questioned).
    Fibonacci order in the period-doubling cascade to chaos.
     Physics Letters A, 359(6), 638-639, 2006. Elsevier B. V. Radarweg 29, Amsterdam 1043 NX, North-Holland.
 Published on-line:   ScienceDirect DOI: 10.1016/j.physleta.2006.07.036.

Nasca.pdf    A. A. Castrejón Pita, A. Sarmiento Galán, and J. R. Castrejón Pita.
    Breathers and Thermal Relaxation as a Temporal Process (An easy way to detect breathers in experimental situations)
    Chaos, 15 (2), 23501-23511, 2005.       postscript file:
Published on-line:   Vol. 15 (2) DOI: 10.1063/1.1896265.

Nasca.pdf    A. A. Castrejón Pita, A. Sarmiento Galán, J. R. Castrejón Pita, and R. Castrejón García.
    Fractal Dimension in Butterflies' Wings: a novel approach to understanding wing patterns ?
    Journal of Mathematical Biology, 50 (5), 584-594, 2005.       postscript file:
Published on-line:   Springeronline DOI: 10.1007/s00285-004-0302-6.

Nasca.pdf    J. R. Castrejón Pita, A. A. Castrejón Pita, A. Sarmiento Galán, and R. Castrejón García.
    Nasca Lines: A Mystery wrapped in an Enigma,
    Chaos, 13 (3), 836-838, September, 2003.       postscript file:

CHA00646.pdf    Ramon Reigada, Antonio Sarmiento, and Katja Lindenberg.
    Breathers and Thermal Relaxation in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Arrays,
    Chaos, 13 (2), 646-656, June, 2003 (Focus Issue on Nonlinear Localized Modes: Physics and Applications).
                 postscript file:

shadows.pdf    R. Castrejón García, A. Sarmiento Galán, J. R. Castrejón Pita, and A. A. Castrejón Pita.
    The Fractal Dimension of an Oil Spray,
    Fractals, 11 (2), 155-161, June, 2003.       postscript file:
    Work commented in NEWSFACTOR SCI::TECH Tech and Innovation and Discovery,
    in SCIENCE NEWS WEEK (by Mike Martin);
                 and in Agencia de Noticias de la Academia Mexicana de Ciencias, No. 58 (28/02 a 07/03, 2003).

Nautilus.pdf     A. A. Castrejón Pita, J. R. Castrejón Pita, A. Sarmiento Galán, and R. Castrejón García.
    The Impressive Complexity in the Nautilus pompilius Shell,
    Fractals, 11 (2), 163-168, June, 2003.       postscript file:    Work also available in Harfa e-journal

ks_cdm.pdf    Alan A. Coley, Antonio Sarmiento, and Roberto A. Sussman.
    Qualitatite and numerical study of the matter-radiation interactions in Kantowski-Sachs cosmologies,
    The Physical Review D66 (12), 124001, December 15, 2002.       postscript file:

AsymDynaBrea.pdf    Ramon Reigada, Antonio Sarmiento, and Katja Lindenberg.
    Asymptotic Dynamics of Breathers in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Chains,
    The Physical Review E66 (4), 46607-46612, October 10, 2002.       postscript file:

AsparagusPlumosus.pdf    J. R. Castrejón Pita, A. Sarmiento Galán, and R. Castrejón García.
    Fractal dimension and self-similarity in Asparagus plumosus,
    Fractals 10 (4), 429-434 December, 2002.       postscript file:

EnergyRelaxationFPU.pdf    Ramon Reigada, Antonio Sarmiento, and Katja Lindenberg.
    Energy Relaxation in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Arrays,
    Physica A 305 (3-4), 467-485, March 15, 2002.       postscript file:

EnergyRelaxation1D.pdf    Ramon Reigada, Antonio Sarmiento, and Katja Lindenberg.
    Energy Relaxation in Nonlinear One-Dimensional Lattices,
    The Physical Review E64 (6), 66608-66616, Noviembre 19, 2001.       postscript file:   or

ThermalResonance.pdf    Ramon Reigada, Antonio Sarmiento, and Katja Lindenberg.
    Thermal Resonance in Signal Transmission,
    The Physical Review E63, 66113-24, Mayo 21, 2001.       postscript file:

harvesting.pdf    Ramon Reigada, Antonio Sarmiento, Aldo H. Romero, J. M. Sancho and Katja Lindenberg.
    Harvesting Thermal Fluctuations: Activation Process induced by a nonlinear chain in Thermal Equilibrium,
    The Journal of Chemical Physics, 112 (23), 10615-10624, 2000.       postscript file:  harvesting.zps

enhanced.pdf    Antonio Sarmiento, Ramon Reigada, Aldo H. Romero and Katja Lindenberg.
    Enhanced Pulse Propagation in Non-linear Arrays of Oscillators,
    The Physical Review E60 (5), 5317-5326, 1999.    postscript file:

cadenas.pdf    Ramon Reigada, Aldo H. Romero, Antonio Sarmiento and Katja Lindenberg.
    One-dimensional Arrays of Oscillators: Energy Localization in Thermal Equilibrium.,
    The Journal of Chemical Physics 111 (4), 1373-1384, 1999.    postscript file:  cadenas.zps

detratchets.pdf    Antonio Sarmiento and Hernán Larralde.
    Deterministic Transport in Ratchets,
    The Physical Review E 59 (5), 4878-4883, 1999.    postscript file:  detratchets.zps

neutronstars.pdf    Dany Page and Antonio Sarmiento.
    Surface Temperature of a Magnetized Neutron Star and Interpretation of the Rosat Data II,
    Astrophysical Journal, 473 (2), 1067-1078, 1996.    pdf file:  neutrones.pdf    L. Carigi, P. Colín, M. Peimbert and A. Sarmiento.
    Chemical Evolution of Irregular and Blue Compact Galaxies,
    Astrophysical Journal 445 (1), 98-107, 1995.    postscript file:  irregBluecomp.    M. Peimbert, A. Sarmiento and P. Colín.
    Chemical Evolution of The Solar Neighborhood: Yields, Black Holes, and the amount of Mass in Substellar Objects.
    Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica 28 (2), 181-186, 1994.    gzipped postscript file:  solar.pdf    M. Peimbert, P. Colín, and A. Sarmiento.
    Abundances of H II Regions and the Chemical Evolution of Galaxies.
    Violent Star Formation from 30 Doradus to QSOs, ed. G. Tenorio-Tagle, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U. K.
    pp. 79-93, 1994.    postscript file:

texture.pdf    S. Hacyan and A. Sarmiento.
    Texture and inflation in a closed universe.
    Physical Review D 48, 943-945, 1993.    postscript file:  texture.pdf

magnetmonop.pdf    S. Hacyan, A. Sarmiento and F. Toledo.
    General Relativistic Magnetic Monopoles.
   Revista Mexicana de Física, 39 (1), 57, 1993.    postscript file:    M. Peimbert, A. Sarmiento and J. Fierro.
   The Effect of Shock Waves on the Spectrae of HII Regions and Planetary Nebulae.
   Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 103, 815-823, 1991.    gzipped postscript file:  shockwaves.zps

VacRotatFram.pdf    S. Hacyan, and A. Sarmiento.
   Vacuum stress-energy tensor of the electromagnetic field in rotating frames.
   Physical Review D 40(8), 2641-2646, 1989.    pdf file:  VacRotatFram.pdf

CosmStri.pdf    A. Sarmiento, and S. Hacyan.
   Energy-density spectrum of the vacuum around a cosmic string.
   Physical Review D 38(4), 1331-1333, 1988.    pdf file:  CosmStri.pdf

ZeroPointF.pdf    S. Hacyan, A. Sarmiento, G. Cocho, and F. Soto.
   Zero-point field in curved spaces.
   Physical Review D 32(4), 914-919, 1985.    pdf file:  ZeroPointF.pdf