International School on Singularities and Lipschitz Geometry

Cuernavaca, México, from June 11th to 22nd, 2018

The aim of this school is to make participants familiar with the use of Lipschitz geometry in the study of real and complex singularities of spaces and mappings.

It will consist of a series of 8 to 10 courses given by specialists in the area. The first week will be introductory, dealing with aspects of complex and real singularities, while the second week will be devoted to the use of Lipschitz geometry in different aspects of singularities.

The target public are postgraduate students, either Masters or Ph.D., already familiar with topics of singularities, whether from a geometric aspect, topological, algebraic or dynamical. Researchers working on singularities or related areas, and interested in the use of Lipschitz geometry, are also welcome.

We expect to have funds that would allow us to cover food and lodging expenses of some participants. Priority will be given to young applicants already working on singularity theory. Also, very limited possibilities of funding travel expenses could be available.

There will be a space for presenting posters. All interested people shoul send an abstract of their poster proposal to the e-mail address: singlipschitz@im.unam.mx before April 30.

All interested people are required to register here

Deadline to registration and applications such or support: 31 of March 2018

For further information, please contact the organizers. Email contact : singlipschitz@im.unam.mx

Scientific Committee

  • Alexandre Fernandes
  • Adam Parusinski
  • Anne Pichon
  • Maria Ruas
  • José Seade
  • Bernard Teissier

Organizing Committee

  • Arturo Giles
  • Anne Pichon
  • Walter Neumann
  • Jawad Snoussi
  • David Trotman