Workshop on Kleinian groups and related topics
10, 11 y 12 de agosto de 2016

Dr. Carlos Cabrera Ocañas

Teoremas de combinación.

Revisaremos algunos de los teoremas clásicos de combinación de Maskit y algunas construcciones básicas para superficies y tres variedades.

Dr. José Luis Cisneros Molina

Twisted de Rham cohomology.

The goal of the minicourse is to give a brief introduction to de Rham cohomology twisted by a flat vector bundle. If time allows it, at the end we will give one application of this cohomology.

Dr. Sergio Augusto Romaña Ibarra
Instituto da Matemática, UFRJ, Brasil

Anosov Flows.

In an Anosov flow, at every point the tangent space splits into three parts, one is the direction of the flow, the second we have exponentially contracting and the other exponentially expanding. Despite the strong conditions of the definition and promising initial advances in the field, a full classification of Anosov systems has eluded researchers in dynamical system. In this mini-course, I will show some examples of Anosov systems, mainly over geodesic flow for manifold of non-positive curvature. The course will consider the results of Verjovsky, Plante, and others as to when an Anosov Flows is suspension of a diffeomorphism.