AGATA - Análisis, Geometría, Álgebra, Topología y Anexos

Jueves 9 de febrero de 2023

Auditorio UCIM


  • Meral Tosun
    (Universidad de Galatasaray)


  • Jorge Castillejos Lopez
  • José Luis Cisneros Molina
  • Faustino Agustín Romano Velázquez


We will first discuss the ADE-singularities and their relationship to
Lie algebras. These are well-known classes of algebraic singularities that occur in algebraic geometry. We also call them rational double-point singularities. Then we will explore how the other singularities can be characterized using Lie algebras, in particular simple elliptic singularities. The talk aimed to provide a better understanding of these mathematical concepts.

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