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2021-04-20  02:24 hrs.

Determinantal maps and their palindromic projective degrees

Rémi Bignalet-Cazalet

the projective degrees of a rational map between projective 
spaces are the degrees of the pre-images of general linear spaces of 
increasing dimension. In this talk, after explaining how to compute 
these projective degrees in concrete situations, I will present the 
construction of determinantal maps, i.e. rational maps whose 
components are the maximal minors of a matrix, having palindromic 
projective degrees. In particular, this construction gives the 
description of Cremona maps, i.e. birational map between projective 
spaces, with specific projective degrees.

En línea (Google Meet) -- Jueves 8 de abril de 2021, 10:00 horas

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