Young meeting on Geometry and Dynamics
7, 8 and 9 december 2021

Description of the project

This Young meeting in Geometry and Dynamics will be held at the Institute of Mathematics of the National University of México at Cuernavaca.
The basic goal of this meeting is to provide a space where young mathematicians and graduate students share recent projects in geometry and dynamics, and related topics.
This meeting will provide students from México and Latin America with a general vision of research topics of young mathematicians.
The meeting is expected to encourage graduate students to research in the area of geometry and dynamics. The students will have the opportunity to learn about the recent works from young leading researchers in these areas.

Expected impact of the project

The subject proposed for this meeting will impact favorably the research interest of the graduate students at UNAM. Also, it will create an environment for sharing research experiences among all participants. More importantly, our students will have the opportunity to interact with young experts in their areas of interest and other members of the international mathematical community.

Expected participants

Participants are expected between local participants (from México) and other participants from Latin America.

Scientific committee

  • Manuel Cruz López, Universidad de Guanajuato México
  • John Parker, University of Durham England

Organizing committee

  • Angel Cano Cordero - Institute of Mathematics, UNAM México
  • Carlos Cabrera Ocañas - Institute of Mathematics, UNAM México
  • Marlon Lopez - IMPA Brasil
  • Alejandro Ucan - IMJ-PRG, Sorbonne Université France