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2019-01-23  05:07 hrs.

On Segre Numbers of Homogeneous Map Germs

Roberto Callejas Bedregal
Universidad Federal de Paraiba, Brasil

Segre numbers and Segre cycles of ideals were independently introduced by Tworzewski, by Achilles and Manaresi and by Gaffney and Gassler. They are generalization of the Lê numbers and Lê cycles, introduced by Massey. In this talk I will give Lê-Iomdine type formulas for these cycles and numbers of arbitrary ideals. As a consequence we obtain a Plücker type formula for the Segre numbers of ideals generated by weighted homogeneous functions, in terms of their weights

and degree. As an application of these results, we compute, in a purely combinatorial manner, the Segre numbers of the ideal which defines the critical loci of a map germ defined by a sequence of central hyperplane arrangements in $\mathbb{C}^{n+1}.$

Palapa Nueva -- Lunes 17 de octubre de 2016, 16:00 horas

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