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2019-01-23  11:46 hrs.

Invariants of holomorphic foliations

Laura Ortiz
IMATE Ciudad Universitaria

We will look first to the classic classification of germs of holomorphic vector fieldsand foliations. The principal obstructions for the topological, formal and analyticequivalence of such vector fields and foliations will be studied.Moreover, we will look to the degenerate dicritic and non dictritic germs of foliationsin (C²,0)and to the obstructions arising in their topological, formal and analytic classification. Wewill get the invariants and the normal forms of such classifications in several significantcases.

This course will be planned in concordance with the courses of D. Cerveau and F. Loray.

Palapa Guillermo Torres -- Jueves 27 de noviembre de 2014, 12:45 horas

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