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2018-12-15  10:10 hrs.

Topological structure of the leaves of polynomial foliations on \(\mathbb C^2\)

Yury Kudryashov
National Research University “Higher School of Economics”

Given a polynomial differential equation in \(\mathbb C^2, \dot z=P(z, w), \dot w=Q(z, w)\) with complex time, we study the fibers of the corresponding foliation, i.e., the splitting of \(\mathbb C^2\) into (real two-dimensional) trajectories of this vector field.

A typical polynomial foliation on \(\mathbb C^2\) has many properties different from those of a typical (polynomial) foliation on \(\mathbb R^2\). For example, all fibers are dense in \(\mathbb C^2\), and there are infinitely many limit cycles.

However, many questions are still open, for example:

* What are the topological types of the fibers of a typical polynomial foliation?
* Take a polynomial foliation such that all leaves of its restriction to some domain in \(\mathbb C^2\) are cylinders (this is called an identical cycle). Is it possible to destroy this picture by a small perturbation of polynomials P,Q?

The talk will start with a brief review of the current state of the art, then I will talk about some recent results by Nataliya Goncharuk and myself.


Palapa Guillermo Torres -- Miércoles 14 de mayo de 2014, 12:00 horas

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