When you arrive to the Merida Airport you have two options to move to the hotel (wichever hotel Casa Balam or Best Western)

Option 1: You can organize with other people and rent a cab to go to your hotel, the price is moreless 200 pesos if is a a regular car and if it is a big car the price is moreless 300 pesos.

Option 2: Take the public transport in the outside of the airport, the routes that pass trougth the downtown say: CENTRO, the cost is 6.50 pesos and you have to descend of the bus in the San Juan park, and walk arround 10 blocks away.

If you land at the Cancun Airport:

You take the bus ADO to Merida in the airport (this bus maybe have a connection in the downtown of Cancun but maybe not) this bus drive to Merida and have three stations:

Merida CAME:
This is the main bus stop at the downtown, is in the 69st between 68st and 70st and in the station there are cab service and the price is moreless 50 to 70 pesos

Merida Fiesta American:
This station is in the middle of one shoppingmall in the 60st in front of the hotel Fiesta Americana, in this station you could take a cab and the price will be moreless 60 pesos

Merida Altabrisa:
This stations is the farest of the three, is in one building behind a Hospital and a shopping mall, to go to the downtown you can take a cab to the downtown (the price is moreless 100pesos) or take a bus called Fuente Maya or CENTRO. But preferly take a cab.

The addreses for the hotels are:

Casa Balam
60st #488 in the corner with 57st.
Indications: if you are in front of the church in the main square, you walk two blocks at the left over the same street of the church, and you will look at two parks and another church, a theater called Peon Contreras, and in front of the theater it is the Hotel Casa Balam.

Hotel Maya Best Western
58st #483 between 55st and 57st
Indications: if you are in front of the church in the main square, you walk to the street behind the church (58st) and then you walk three blocks and then you would see the hotel.

UADY central building (Conference room)
60st corner with 57st
Indications: the central buildings of the UADY are in corner in front of the Hotel Casa Balam, if you are in the Best Western you must walk one block to the right and then walk one block to the rigth, you will see the theather Peon Contreras and the Hotel Casa Balam.

Maybe will be some rain, but still warm.