Reaching Cuernavaca from the Mexico City Airport

If you arrive at the Mexico City International Airport, after clearing customs, please follow the signs to the Buses Zone.

How do I catch the bus from the airport to Cuernavaca?
Pullman de Morelos has buses departing from the airport every ninety minutes from 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. The ticket is about $15 US, which you can pay for with Mexican pesos, Visa, or Mastercard. The buses go to the Casino de la Selva bus station in Cuernavaca.

You need to know which terminal you are in. Ask “¿En que terminal estamos? ¿La Terminal uno, o dos?” The answer should be “Terminal uno” (Terminal 1) or “Terminal dos” (Terminal 2).

If in Terminal 1: Ride the escalator up from the ground floor (Planta Baja, or PB) to the Primer Piso (first floor). The escalator is located between gates E1 and E3. Follow signs to the Marriott Courtyard and you will walk right past the Pullman de Morelos ticket counter. You’ll also see signs for autobuses foraneos (busses to other cities).

If in Terminal 2: Turn right as soon as you exit from customs into the public area of the airport. Walk the whole length of the terminal, go through the glass doors and you’ll see the bus boarding area. Jog to your right and then to your left. Look for the Pullman de Morelos ticket booth.

Purchase your ticket at the Pullman de Morelos ticket counter. Each ticket is for a designated seat on a bus designated by its departure time. Departure time is shown in 24-hour time; for instance 2:00 p.m. is 14:00. At the boarding area your luggage will be loaded under the bus and you’ll be given a luggage claim check. You will only be allowed a very small bag onboard the bus daypack size or smaller. It is about an hour and a half ride to Cuernavaca once you leave the airport. The drinks and cookies distributed by the stewardess are free.

If your flight arrives late and you cannot take the last bus, then we recommend that you stay at a hotel in Mexico City. One option is in a hotel near the airport. Another possibility is to stay in a hotel in the south of Mexico City close to the South Bus Terminal.

As an alternative, you can take an airport taxi to Cuernavaca, which costs around U.S.$100.00-$110.00.

Taxis from the Mexico City Airport
If you take a taxi from the airport, we strongly recommend that you only take the official airport taxis. You purchase your ticket in advance and the price is according to destination. The cost to go all the way to Cuernavaca by taxi is around US$100.00-$110.00.

Taxis in Mexico City
In Mexico City we strongly recommend you to call for a taxi rather than stopping any taxi in the street.

Reaching Cuernavaca by bus from Mexico City

South Bus Terminal (Central Camionera del Sur)

If you are already in Mexico City, buses for Cuernavaca leave from the Central Camionera del Sur bus station, which is located beside the Metro station Taxqueña (also spelled Tasqueña).

This is easily reached through the subway or Metro, which has a stop at Taxqueña (last stop of Line 2 (blue line)), by taxi, or by buses marked Taxqueña.

Click here to see a map of the metro network.

Look for the bus line Pullman de Morelos . The luxury bus leaves every half an hour or so, it is called Ejecutivo Dorado (the cost is 122 pesos). The First Class bus, which is identical to the luxury except for the fact that you are not served a coke on board, leaves more frequently (about every teen minutes) and it costs 110 pesos.

These buses arrive at the Casino de la Selva terminal in Cuernavaca. There are first class buses which arrives at the Centro terminal but the Casino de la Selva terminal in Cuernavaca is preferable.

Click here to see a map with the location of the Casino de la Selva bus terminal.

Bus schedules
If you have any questions regarding bus schedules either from Taxqueña or from the airport, please visit the bus company web page

Taxis in Cuernavaca

Taxis from the Cuernavaca Bus Terminal
Once at the Cuernavaca bus station, you will see taxis which can take you to your hotel, costing around 45 pesos (US$4.00). Make sure that you agree on the price beforehand.

Taxis within Cuernavaca
Taxis in Cuernavaca do not use taximetres, but charge by zone. The minimum is 30 pesos, and to go to most places within Cuernavaca costs you between $35-$50 pesos. MAKE SURE THAT YOU AGREE ON THE PRICE BEFORE GETTING INTO THE CAB. You can rent a taxi for a day in order to go sightseeing, and can arrange the price with the cab driver. It is usually much cheaper than renting a car.

A reliable cab company to call is Radio Taxi Citlalli, tel. 3 17 37 66 and 3 17 75 25.

Local Buses

The local buses are white with a colour stripe and the route number, the color of the stripe depends on the route. The cost of the ride is $6.50 pesos.

There are two routes which finish at the Campus of the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (UAEM) (where the Mathematics Institute is), Route number 1 (yellow) and Route number 13 (dark blue).

Click here to see a map which shows the local bus routes, in particular numbers 1 and 13.

Reaching the Mathematics Institute

The School will be held at the Cuernavaca Branch of the Mathematics Institute of the National University, UNAM ( (Instituto de Matemáticas, Unidad Cuernavaca, UNAM) which is located on the campus of the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (UAEM).

The address of the Mathematics Institute is the following:
Instituto de Matemáticas (Unidad Cuernavaca)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Av. Universidad s/n, col. Lomas de Chamilpa
C.P. 62210 Cuernavaca, Morelos

The phone number of the Instituto de Matematicas at Cuernavaca is: (01)-(777) 3 29 17 21

This page shows how to get to the Instituto de Matemáticas.

Reaching the Mathematics Institute from the Hotels

Most participants will stay in one of the following three hotels, click here to see a map with the location of the hotels, the mathematics institute and the bus terminal:

Hotel GS
This is the closest to the Institute. A taxi from there to the Institute costs $30 pesos, and there are frequent buses (numbers 1 or 13) that bring you straight to the University. Get off at the entrance of the university (very easy to recognize) after the roundabout and then walk left (up-way) for some 50 mt. and you will be in front of our Institute (there is a clear sign).

(Check this map to see where to take the bus (follow the white line))

Hotel Posada Tlaltenango
Taxis should also cost about $35 pesos. You can also take bus number 1 and follow the previous instructions to come to the Institute.

(Check this map to see where to take the bus (follow the white line))

Hotel Bungalows Las Rosas
Taxis should also cost about $35 pesos. You can also take bus number 1 and follow the previous instructions to come to the Institute.

Buses from Cuernavaca to the Airport

To take your flight back home, check the time table of the buses Pullman de Morelos from the Casino de la Selva Bus Terminal to the Airport.