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2019-02-17  16:18 hrs.

Monodromy theorem for Artin kernels

Enrique Artal Bartolo
Universidad de Zaragoza


Given a simplicial graph, its associated right-angled Artin group is a group generated by the vertices and such that two vertices commute if they are joined by an edge; the kernel of an epimorphism onto the infinite cyclic group (non vanishing on the vertices) is called an Artin kernel and its homology is in a natural way a module over a ring of Laurent polynomials. We study the module structure of this homology which can be interpreted as the homology of the Milnor fiber of a monomial function on a highly singular space for which a version of the Monodromy Theorem can be stated. It is joint work in progress with J.I. Cogolludo and D. Matei.




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